Congratulations WAM on a Wonderful NE LMSC SCY Meet!

We laughed, we cried (-0.05), we kicked butt, we laughed again!

Congratulations on a hard fought, fast swum, meet!

Combined Team Scores – Medium Team Place Team Points

1 Greenwood Masters GWDM-NE           2625
2 Granite State Penguins GSP-NE             2539
3 Worcester Area Masters WAM-NE     2103.5

#WAMsoHard, #WAMsoFun

Tell your friends, join the fun!


WAM Back for the New Year!

Regularly scheduled practices are back ON!

Let’s get started and see what improvements everyone will be working on this year. Remember little steps will get you on your way!

Be sure to check out the swim technique articles at and ask the coaches if you have questions, that’s why they are there!

Stay tuned, there may be practices that concentrate on technique coming up soon.


Walden Pond swim July 2, 2016

We had a great time swimming a mile at Walden Pond in Concord this morning. The water was warm, the sky blue and sunny. The WAMmies group looked like a pod of porpoises. Then, Mark, Gail, Mary, Erica, Miye, Alford, Brittney and Nancy all headed into town to eat a delicious breakfast at Helen’s restaurant. Next up is Comet Pond swim at 7 a.m. Monday, July 4. Join us! We’ll meet at the beach on Route 68 in Hubbardston.