75,655 yards per hour

75,655 yards per hour

On January 20th, nineteen WAMmies participated in the USMS 1-hour Postal Swim! As a team we contributed 68,750 yards to New England Masters’ effort to defend their 2012 Postal Swim Championship! Here is how everyone did… Go WAM!

Alex  4550

Alana  4350

Chelsea  4200

Ted  4175

Craig  4150

Kerrie  4150

Mary  4050

Eva  4050

Ben  3750

CJ 3700

Steve  3600

Peter  3600

Dave B  3500

Jon  3500

Paul O  3500

Pat 3205

Tom  3025

Paul A  3000

Gail  3000

Chris  3000

Nathan  1600


Great work everyone!


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